throw up, gunshots, and transformers.

Its just a couple of days passed thanksgiving and we should all be up for this bright and cold november morning, but the strongest of our family is in bed, weak. last week i got sick. i’m still recovering, but feeling so much better. last night emri woke up crying. ben and i jolted out of our sleep and ran to her bedroom where she had thrown up everywhere. we partnered the clean up  half asleep. ben took em and consoled her and i tossed her bedding in the washing machine. oddly, she was incredibly chipper and hyper, so wide awake i thought she would never go back to sleep. she said so many funny things, ben and i kept glancing at each other smiling with groggy eyes. the kind of smiles that remind each other that parenthood is definitely worth the cost. fortunately, em fell asleep instantly when we put her back in her bed with clean sheets and blankets. but, as soon as ben fell back asleep for a few hours, he found himself in the bathroom hugging the toilet.  i got him a glass of water. both of them, poor things… second round. before i could fall back asleep after the second love of my life hurling in the bathroom, i hear three loud gunshots back to back. are you kidding me? what is happening? it sounded like it was coming from our next door neighbor’s house. we felt like we should call 911. ben calls. i try to fall back asleep even though we should be looking out the windows to serve as possible witnesses to anything that should contribute to the possible murder scene that just took place. but fatigue and confusion overcome and i fall back asleep to be yet again woken up, this time by policemen shining spotlights into our windows and backyard. strangely, i just roll over and go back to bed. assuming that the gunshots were nothing and that its totally normal to have policeman walking around in your backyard, shining spot lights. then a few hours later, i wake up to mild sounding explosions. i don’t know, like an explosion of some kind. not the loudest explosion, but an explosion none the less. what the heck? i asked ben if he heard that. he said the noises sounded like transformers. what the heck is a transformer? again, i rolled over and went back to sleep because hearing weird stuff is just normal at this point.

so now it is morning. i strangely feel rested and i have forgotten about the gunshots and mild sounding explosions. i’m not that convinced i wasn’t dreaming. emri is in her typical, charming, 2 and a half-year-old mood, despite her episode the night before and ben is still sleeping…recovering.

before i close this random commentary of the weirdest night ever, let me share a sweet morning moment with our little emri. she was determined to say good morning to ben. i told her that daddy had thrown up too and he is still sick in bed. she convinced me she needed to talk to him. she crawls up to his side. rubs his back and says, “Daddy, throwing up isn’t very fun, is it?” she rubs his back some more…”but laughing is.” sigh. i love her.  and so true, emri. laughing is fun and throwing up isn’t.

although halloween was approximately an entire month ago, here are some pictures from our halloween night. time flies by so fast and i’m too frazzled to keep up, but i do not want to miss these darling moments. we had so much fun with emri. ben was a scary roach man, i, don’t know exactly what i was (i was just plain happy to have an excuse to wear fake eye lashes- call me whatever you want), emri- a scary cat cute kitty.

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