to bed without binkies

why is it that i’ve rolled my eyes at emri’s need for not one binky, but two, three, four binkies  (if she’s super lucky) when she goes to bed at night?….and the night she falls asleep without them… i cry. hard. i weep. what is wrong with me? do i need a binky? how much do i love my little emri?…i love to hold her in my arms. i love to grab her and throw her up in the air. i love to tickle her…oh how i love to tickle her. i love the way she smells. i love the weight of her on my lap. i love to brush her hair. i love to hold her when she’s tired. i love her soft rosy cheeks. i love that she feels safe when she’s with me and that to her, i know everything. i love her silly jokes. i love her little smirks. i love her little and i don’t want her to grow up! my baby is growing up. it’s true. what on earth am i going to do? my baby doesn’t need binkies anymore. i almost wanted to sneak in her bedroom after she fell asleep, and quietly place her binky next to her pillow. what a terrible idea.

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