ode to christmas cookies.

i. love. cookies.

i love them so much. i love them. i love them. i love them. and i could eat warm, gooey cookies, everywhere, all the time, no matter how full i was. and i love the holidays because cookies are everywhere. ben likes cookies and all, but you know, i’ve seen him say no to cookies before. ? i don’t really get that. i think i could actually lose weight if there were no such thing as cookies.

ben brought home a whole basket of cookies from school. (i think it was a teacher appreciation/christmas/thank you type thing) he placed them on the table and all i could say was,

“oh dang.”

so i have no choice but to eat them. however, some little stinker got to them first.

yesterday was the fateful day i left my new sharpie-fine-tip-clickie pen on the couch without clicking it closed. (oh the torment of the memory!)and it bled right into my beautiful, white slip cover. i still haven’t gotten the stain out as desperately as i tried. while scrubbing my slip cover in the laundry room in our basement, i hear the basement door close.


i continue scrubbing because i was terribly distracted with my white couch and black sharpie pen stain, and sometimes i’m just not a good parent.

as i run up the basement stairs, i find that stupid door locked! i yelled for her. but all i could hear was a little, muffled voice coming from some remote corner in the house. she left me in there, that little rat. she finally made her way over (after quite some time) and unlocked the door.

“emri, are you kidding me? why did you lock mommy in the basement?”

“…because …i was just eating cookies, but…(smiles and blinks twice…looks around the room) i also…let you in.”

🙂 …moving on to…


other matters at hand:

last month i began taking femara as posted previously.  this would be the end of my cycle. took about 7 pregnancy tests within the last two weeks. all negative. so many people are praying for me. and i’m truly touched. truly touched by their reminders. it keeps me hopeful. and i need hope. this morning Jesus brought me this verse. it came at a perfect time and i’m so thankful for a God who speaks to me.

romans 15

“now may the God of hope, fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you would abound in hope by the power of the holy spirit.”

when powerful  truths like this come into my heart, unexpectedly, and stir me to keep leaning into his favor for my family and i, i’m reminded that HE loves me. he WILL bless me. faith is a muscle and it would never grow if i didn’t experience seasons like this. his love isn’t superficial. it has depth. meaning and weight. i think we all can collectively agree that we are thankful he doesn’t flatter. he doesn’t just want to bless us. he wants to restore, heal, and make us whole. there is a lot in my heart that needs to be healed and i feel it when he speaks to me like he did this morning in my car. i feel a weight begin to lift. and i literally feel the dead in me start to come alive. God, don’t ever quit. make me new.


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