the journey

God our Father is generous with us. He loves to watch us experience joy. i think it thrills him. but i love that joy is a journey brilliantly laid before us. a kind of joy that isn’t given cheaply to the gluttons who don’t know the meaning of the words, “wait for it.” (let me clarify that i would often classify myself as one who is, at most moments, gluttonous). our Father is incredibly intelligent. His timing and planning is impeccable. He’s given us our very own story of joy. and i love that it costs me something. i love that he prepares me for joy so when i taste it, it is has depth of meaning and emotion to me. that when i come upon it, i can take it in slowly and fully. in a way that’s restorative and redeeming, in a way that extends beyond the moment. that’s what joy is. its not greed. its not pride, its not a feeding frenzy.  our Father wants us to taste all goodness. He wants to satisfy us with every good thing. but its the journey he has laid before us that prepares us to taste real Joy. living in a culture that breeds consumers, this sometimes feels difficult for me. but all the Father has, he’s given to us and there is nothing that he would withhold from us. He’s extravagant. so today i’m thanking Jesus for the journey.

my sweet friend, danielle, took our family pictures again this year. i love documenting how much our emri has grown.

this is joy…





4 thoughts on “the journey

    1. rachel, i’m so moved that this post spoke to you. that in itself is incredibly life-giving to me. i had no idea you had a little blog of your own. i’m headed there now.

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