morning time

i love waking up before emri does. now, i can say this because emri wakes up at 7:00 at the earliest. if she woke up any earlier, i would not be posting this. but for now, i anticipate hearing…

“moooooommmmmmaaaaa, i waaaaaakeed uuuuuuuup!”

“moooooooommmmmaaaaa, i waaaaaaaaked uuuuuuup!”

“mooommmmmmmmaaaaaaaa, i WAKED UP!”

the sound of her calling for me warms my heart.

whenever i open the door, she’s jumping in her crib. (yes, she’s almost 3 and is still in her crib. so what?) holding on to the rail. jumping. and so i jump. and we are jumping together.

“good morning!” i say.

“good morning, momma!” she says.

we are still jumping.


morning time has never been so exciting. something about a little child and their fascination with the sun coming up is entirely refreshing. this particular morning the clouds were pink. em calls these princess clouds. one of the first things emri does when she wakes up, is to climb on the couch and look out the window. i think she just wants to make sure the sun comes up like its supposed to.

so. em and i say good morning to you, wherever you might be.

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