hope doesn’t disappoint

i thought a while about posting this one. and then i remembered. these are the myers stones and i must. i do understand that all the people i dearly love around me, have their own stones. their stones are just as important. but i’m responsible to remember mine. and i have to celebrate each one. i think its part of my journey. albeit a post about periods, i feel compelled to take an account. i haven’t had a naturally induced period since april 27th. i’ve been taking medicine to induce each one since that time. each cycle i wait until the day i’m supposed to start. wait 7 more days. and then start taking my prometrium at 50.00 a bottle. so monday was my 7 days more. no period. negative pregnancy test. my response was a little bit more emotional than i was expecting. i wept a bit. ben held me. we laid on the couch while i rested my head on his chest. he initially started into problem solving mode. i laugh now at remembering how just as soon as he started, he stopped. he remembered on his own (we’ve come so far!) that i just needed to be held. so we laid together. quiet. after the time i needed to be held stopped, ben challenged me. he asked me how i felt about not taking my prometrium and just waiting a few more days to see if i would start on my own. he suggested we really fight through it in prayer. i told him that i just wanted to be really consistent with my medicine. as i said that i was recalling all the waiting i’ve been doing. i didn’t want to wait an extra day for anything. but as soon as i thought through, something inside me agreed. we just were going to wait one extra day. ben held me again and we prayed. this time a little bit harder. next day. no period. i’ve never been so interested in starting my period. well, we waited a whole stupid day. that’s all ben and i talked about.  i held up to my end. i took my prescription to target with em.  i did some grocery shopping. they called my name over the intercom telling me it was ready to be picked up. i was making my way to the pharmacy when something inside me told me to leave my prescription.  i left it at target that day. i went home. no period. ben and i prayed some more. we waited. no period. i started really praying through the Lord’s prayer over my ovaries. i just wanted a period for the love. is that too much to ask for? now this may not seem like the biggest deal to you, but this is just a significant thing for ben and i. thursday i started my period! and i just have to celebrate. i have to count it with the other ones. a little battle has been won. so if you are still reading, thanks for listening to our story. and for all of you who are praying for myers baby #2, we are indebted to you. we feel the weight of even the smallest prayer. everyone counts. each one is powerful. they fill us with hope. a sweet friend of ours dropped by unexpectedly and gave me these flowers. a little reminder of hope. they are speaking hope in my house right now as they sit in my kitchen. hope doesn’t disappoint. for those battling their own stones, whether its a baby, a marriage, a future husband, finances, a career, a move, a broken friendship…

hope doesn’t disappoint.

romans 5:5

and hope doesn’t disappoint.

because the love of God has been poured over us, its running through our hearts,

by the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.

don’t lose hope. celebrate each stone. remember all that God has done.

and i almost forgot! merry christmas eve!

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