emri is 3

emri has turned 3!

it was a special day in the myer’s house.

she’s becoming such a little girl. ben and i took her to see “tangled” last night. the movie was EXCELLENT. i used to think tinker bell was the greatest thing to happen to little girls, but i stand corrected. you have to see it. tangled is to disney as the gladiator is to universal pictures, which means this movie is my favorite. i may have cried at one particular lantern scene. every time a slightly romantic scene would happen, emri would climb up on ben’s lap and hug him, looking at him with googly eyes. i loved that. but certainly not as much as ben did. apparently ben is her prince. oh, and jesus is also her husband. she tells us this at least once a day. over break, we had the gloriously opportunity to sleep in. (sleeping in with a child is actually waking up at 8 or 8:30) but i’m not complaining, i’ll take it. one morning emri woke me up and said,

“momma, wake up. my husband, jesus, is here…hurry!”


so jesus is her husband and ben is her prince. one thing is for sure, this little one knows she is loved.

on tuesdays emri goes to school. i miss her when she’s away. as i was walking emri to the car today we were holding hands. i looked down at her little fingers wrapped around mine and took in the moment. i was thankful that i had her in my life. our conversation hand in hand went something like this.

“emri, i missed you today.”

“i missed you too mommy”

“how was your day?”

“good, how was your day?”


i wish i could have captured the smile on her face when she realized we were having a grown up conversation. she was so proud of herself. but not as proud as i was of her. 3 years and a couple days ago ben and i were on on our way to the hospital to to have emri. we had no idea what was in store for us. we had no idea how drastically our lives were about to change. she’s the best gift ben and i could have ever asked for.

emri, happy birthday. i love you dearly.

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