a few shots of christmas

a little bit of what our christmas looked like


(candle ear cones?) whatever they are called, they remove the wax out of your ear. other families do this over christmas, right?

bring on 2011!


2 thoughts on “a few shots of christmas

  1. Here are my comments:
    -Umm … is Emri gazing at her Prince in that final picture?
    -and I’m sure I have a friend who does the ear cone.
    -I also had a clear tutu with gold stars.

  2. perfect. this is just perfect.
    my mom’s family does ear cones. awk. and a little gross.
    i love em and max.

    and her tutu. we often got tutu’s for christmas.

    and the goldendoodle taht thinks it’s a lap dog. seriously. i want one. now.

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