i may or may not have just purchased julianne hough’s ballroom dance workout video. should i be embarrassed? i hear a resounding yes in the back of my head, but i cannot help myself.

i started the cha cha work out yesterday. this is no intermediate work out, guys.  i don’t have the moves down just yet, but rest assured. i will. i’ve been practicing. more than i feel at liberty to say. yesterday was the first time i have exercised in a long time, minus xbox connect over christmas break. who knew bowling would make you so sore the next day? good grief. and i why do they take pictures of you bowling and then show them to you at the end of the game in front of everyone? horrible.

because its a new year, i have a small list of things i would like to accomplish. last night was wednesday. every wednesday we have a bunch of people come over. the first wednesday we just share a meal together, and then on the off wednesday, we pray. we decided that we were going to make a list of “impossibles”. and pray for them.

“impossibles” are the things you would love to see happen in your life but feel, impossible.

perhaps so impossible, that it makes you  nervous to even write it out, not to mention, to begin moving forward in it.

we decided to share a small list of “impossibles” with each other. and now we are going to pray for one another in those impossible dreams. we have a wonderful man in our missional community who just proposed to another wonderful woman. a year ago he had a long list of impossibles. today, all of the impossibles are coming true. one of which was to get married. a year ago, that seemed entirely impossible. today, he’s engaged. that is worth celebrating. and its a reminder that if we don’t call out our dreams, they probably will never come to fruition. and if we don’t pray for them, well i personally, wouldn’t expect to see much happen.

its a pretty powerful thing to call out your dreams. and its even more powerful to begin praying for it.

especially when people are praying with you


so i’ll share my top 3 impossibles with you.

*myers baby #2

*eat well and exercise (julianne hough’s ballroom dancing work out video, HECK YEAH!)

*find a sustainable, rhythm of organization

i have other things i want to see happen in my life, but i have a hunch that a few of them will flow naturally out of these

what is your list of impossibles? i know you have them. 🙂




4 thoughts on “impossibles

  1. i love this. so much. here’s to impossibles!!

    *figure out what the heck to do with my life
    *run a freaking full marathon (chicago or kc in october…ugh. i should have probably started training last week!)
    *get married (why the heck not?!?!)

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