meet mary

thursday evening ben brought home a little creature. …a rat. a RAT!…? (what is happening?) i cringed when i saw the cage. this is one of the many perks of being married to a zoology teacher. i have no choice but to welcome all kinds of creatures into my home. which is not so bad for me, because i generally love all kinds of creatures, but there have been some creepy things ben has brought home. i would group rats in with creepy things. but i have to say….

i like her. i like her a whole lot. she really is sweet, and kind of cute. and when she sleeps, she snuggles into this little ball and i kind of want her to be on my lap. its true. i really like her. and i initially told ben that the rat couldn’t stay at our house, that she would need to go directly to school, but when i saw her, i decided  she could stay.

wait, it gets better.

ben thinks he can train this little rat to sniff out marijuana at blue valley west where he teaches. i’m serious. (don’t you love him?) not only drugs, but this little rat may be able to sniff out tuberculosis. this is what he says, you guys. and he’s a smart guy, so i imagine  he knows what he’s talking about. so of course we had to name her mary jane. we just call her mary though.

and emri loves her.

oh how she loves her.

as emri was playing with her, i knelt beside the rat and said to her, “you really are pretty sweet.”

emri said, “actually… she can’t talk.”

i wasn’t quite sure what to say after that.

emri proceeded with,

“mary likes me, and she is my friend.”

mary really does like emri. whenever emri sits next to her, she hops up on her lap and just stays.

come, on… don’t you think she’s even a little cute?

are we crazy for letting her be best buds with a rat?


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