whipped cream please

don’t you think the act of waking up deserves a simple celebration?

i do.

for me, getting up is no simple task. it requires snoozing three different alarms one after the other for about a half an hour. and when i finally wake up i have to say very mean things to myself to get out of bed. there may be some cussing in there. i won’t tell you which words i use. i scramble up, shuffle into the bathroom, tinkle, make my way into the kitchen with wild, crazy hair, (my vision is very blurry, i must be careful not to trip or run into the side of the doorway-which happens often) and i start the coffee. one of these days i will prepare my coffee on auto. i wait for it to finish dripping and…

at last. coffee in my cup.


and here is my simple celebration:

a very special mug and a serious amount of whipped cream.


so pretty

note: if it makes you feel better, or shall i say, if it makes me feel better, its fat free reddi whip with only 5 calories a serving. granted, there are probably 10 servings in this creamy madness on top of my coffee, but then thats only 50 calories. and shoot. TOTALLY WORTH IT. …..EVERY MORNING.

here’s to taking the challenge of waking up early for some solitude before my sweet emri wakes up

and celebrating it with legal drugs and whipped cream



for kicks and giggles i thought i’d post a picture of my husbands boring coffee

its just not the same, is it?


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