emri breaks her bornament

i have to post this clip of emri putting ornaments on our little christmas tree, even though its many days after christmas. she was so mesmerized by the “bornaments”. and so distraught when she accidentally dropped one. this is just the sweetest little incident. you might not be able to make out her words, so i’ll quickly type them right now.

“i broked it. i always broke.”

this blesses my heart in ways i simply cannot express.

please enjoy watching our little emri break her first ornament.

4 thoughts on “emri breaks her bornament

  1. i love everything about this video. i wanted to cry with her because she was SOO in awe of the bornament and then it broke…and her little tender heart felt that. wow…i’m going deep, but i’m sure she felt it! that breaks my heart that she was so sad! 😦

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