but i have to dance

emri and i just finished watching beauty and the beast. we were snuggling perfectly.

and then the end came.

that familiar “tale as old as time.” comes on and emri immediately begins trying to wiggle out of our snuggle. i pull her in.

“just stay a little bit.” i said.

emri gives me a dirty little look, “but i have to dance!”

i giggle. of course you do, emri. and she gets up and begins twirling. and it warms my heart.


this week my in laws are in town. emri’s grammy and papa. and they are wonderful grandparents. as are my parents to her. she is surrounded by people who love her. we’ve been enjoying our time. i love watching her love them, and then watching them love her in return. but as usual, when our schedules are a little different, its harder to find time alone to hear from God. so this morning i had to fight for it. i woke up like a zombie. my spirit needed to be a lone with God and hear him. because he’s speaking. i just have to get quiet enough to listen. and i am addicted to hearing him. i can’t get enough. when i hear him, its never judgement. its safe. its life. its my home. and this invisible God has won be over.

john 14:14

whoever holds to what i say and keeps what i say,

is the one who loves me,

and whoever loves me, will be loved by the Father

and i will love her and make my home in her.


is it crazy of me to say that i believe, with all of my being, that God has made his home in me? it has changed my life so much i can’t keep quiet about it. and its not that i am some unique, special woman who is lucky to be with and experience Jesus.

its for all.

the catch is this: God is a gentlemen. he does not force intimacy. so today, if you are reading, i challenge you to go someplace where you can listen. see if you can hear him. take a journal or a pen and write down what you hear. better yet, find a bible. read john 14. its one of my favorites. it might be yours too.


4 thoughts on “but i have to dance

  1. i adore you kerri. and the way you look at life and take the time to appreciate all little things in this great big universe. its quite lovely. and very catchy.

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