i think its important to process the things that happen in our lives. i guess this is why i started this blog. there are moments in our lives that cause us to stop and evaluate whats going on. these moments are called  “kairos” moments.

when things happen to you…pause. examine it. think about it. wonder about it. allow that moment to change something in your life. kairos moments can be as big as finding out your pregnant. or as small as, “wow. i really don’t like the smell of lavender.” moments like, “i really hate my job.” or, “this relationship sucks.” any moment that causes you to stop. don’t let that moment pass. catch it and grab hold of it. i believe we are accountable for those moments. every moment has the potential to change the course of your life. each moment is valuable. and God doesn’t waste anything. not even our mistakes. not even the horrible things that may have happened to us. not one thing will be wasted.

my kairos moment is this. “what is the gospel going to look like in my life?”

to me, the gospel is wonderful news. what is the gospel? that Jesus is God. that he died on the cross to give us all life. that he’s coming to making every wrong thing right in my life. and the lives around me.

there is a lot of wrong. a whole lot of wrong. and it causes me to pause.

but the gospel is wonderful news. this means we are not alone. that God is for us. that we are loved. pursued. and that the story isn’t over. that we have an identity that far surpasses how much money we have, how many friends we have, what we’ve accomplished, what we look like, or how nice our cars are.

if the gospel doesn’t have the power to change my life, i must be in the wrong religion. my friend, jo saxton, made this statement this week. i agree.

and i want to know how i can pay it forward. the gospel is a treasure i’ve found. it has changed my life. its changing my life and my family’s lives. thats my kairos moment. thanks for reading about it. i challenge you to think about yours. what is your kairos?


and we are back in kansas city. ahh. home sweet home!

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