unreciprocated kisses

have i mentioned that emri loves going to hyvee? almost as much as she loves going to target. at least at hyvee, she gets to ride in an obnoxious car/shopping cart that is impossible to navigate around a grocery store (and probably has more sickness crawling around on it than the dirty floor.) at hyvee she also gets a free balloon, a free slice of cheese, and a free cookie that i make her split with me.

its really quite wonderful for her. and that makes it wonderful for me except for steering that shopping cart/race car that makes me sweat and breathe heavy.

ahhhh. grocery shopping. wait till i have another one. i have no idea, do i?

for all of the mothers that do grocery shopping with more than one, i’m having a silent celebration for you in my head right now. you are every woman.

and i applaud you.

as i was buckling up emri in her car seat, after our shopping was over, she was having a silly conversation with herself. of course, i can’t resist her silliness. i needed a kiss. but this time she didn’t reciprocate the notion.

“emri, give mommy a kiss.”

emri turns her head to the side.


“why not, sweet heart?”

“because you are not my husband and you are not my prince.”

“give me a kiss”


i smooshed her against her will.

she giggled. but she also wiped the kiss off. and pretended to be mad.

i was satisfied.


just wanted to mark a sweet memory so i don’t forget.



2 thoughts on “unreciprocated kisses

  1. I like that I’m every woman…times FOUR:) I tell you, I push around 145+ pounds every time I actually wrangle them all around in a cart!! It’s a very special & well loved store that has carts that fit all my little men:) Maybe M, C, or I can be Emri’s prince. They will love her when they meet her…me too. Hopefully in June!!!!

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