it’s on

i wonder what has possessed me to spew bits of my life story into the internet. if i think about it too long, i’ll stop typing and close my laptop. but something moves me to keep typing. even if it contains errors, typos, or foolishness. regardless, i type.

another kairos moment today.

the life i want to live is going to cost me more than what i’ve been giving. all day long i’ve felt a restlessness to declare war. (does that sound over-dramatic?) i imagine it does.

but to me, it makes sense. there are so many wrong things in our city. am i going to just sit back and watch tv and peruse through facebook in blissful ignorance? the problem with our generation is… let me rephrase that. the problem with ME is that i have access to a lot of information. so much opportunity, yet i don’t do anything. something isn’t right about that.

so i’m posing these questions: “what am i going to do about the injustice in my city?” “what kinds of injustice surround me?” “what’s stoping me from doing something about it?”

i know the answer to the last question. its fear. fear is stopping me. but here is what is interesting. my worst fear is getting to the end of my life and looking back with regret.

so my kyros is this: DECLARE WAR.

i’m gonna start calling out stuff. shed some light on the things i should be doing.



2 thoughts on “it’s on

  1. I think the Holy Spirit is part of what is causing you to spew your life onto the internet… b/c you’re encouraging more people than you know! (Even random old friends who now live in other cities and don’t keep in touch!) 🙂

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