last year at this time, ben and i were going through a very difficult season. a season that compelled us to get counseling. it was so helpful. as i say often, if we could afford it, ben and i would go once a month. its like going to the doctor. its just necessary to maintain health. in this sense, emotional health. i believe in the sanctity of marriage. and i believe that its worth fighting for. i believe strongly in the foundation of marriage and how it serves as a structure for the family. a small community that has the potential to grow roots and become a shelter from difficulty. a place where you are loved and supported. a place that welcomes you back. thats what home is. its our little sanctuary. i used to be really selfish with our little sanctuary. but now, more than ever, i realize that i want my family to be an extended family. opened for others to enter. to come and find community, support, love, and even rest. of course we are no perfect family. we have cracks just like the rest. but what we do have, we want to share. maybe God would meet us in our offering and make the little we have to offer something greater than we could have ever made on our own. for the last nine months ben and i have opened our home on wednesday nights. we share a meal with about 15 people. any one is welcome. on the off wednesday, we pray for one another. this is our extended family. we are practicing what it looks like to do community. and it really does feel like family. of course we get new people all the time and we love it. this is a part of our life’s rhythm. there are certain things that ben and i have decided to intentionally place into our rhythm. things that we want to become a part of our family culture. i wrote about developing a rhythm of rest in november. the last nine months have also been an intentional effort to move into a rhythm of community. the other part of our family culture that needs work is mission. and that is one of the things i’ve dramatically declared war on. : ) what will be our family’s mission? which plays into the question i’ve asked in previous posts -what is the gospel going to look like in my family? we are young. immature. and inexperienced. so we don’t know yet. but we are putting one foot in front of the other. and we are just practicing these things. i can’t tell you how liberating it has been to put one baby step forward into these things we believe have the power change the culture of our family.

and today is a snow day. we will be surrounded by snow and each other. last night, as we anticipated our snow day, we rented a movie for all three of us to watch. in lieu of watching the bachelor on monday nights, i settled for the guardians. which is actually kind of scary for a three year old- who knew? we smashed our two sofas together for the best snuggling ever to take place. we got bowls of snicker doodle ice scream and snuggled the shiz out of each other.

imagine me on the other side of ben in this picture. ben insisted he get “middle”. which is so lame because emri should be the one in the middle. of course five minutes into the movie, she made her way into the middle where she belongs.


to those of you in kc, happy snow day!!! love to you all.


4 thoughts on “family

  1. Whoa! be careful! I mean with all that “community”, “mission” and “intentionality” you might end up planting a church! (love the post, and hope you all are well!)

  2. 1. I freaking love your family!!! I know I say it all the time, but it’s true. You guys make me want family.
    2. I love getting to be part of the extended family! Yay for a snow day, but Snow, ya better slow down early enough for some MC to go down.

  3. does your family ALWAYS dress to match your living room decor (and your dishes?)? 😉 immature in mission you may think you are (you’re not, you’re actually further than you realize), but in style, you’re WAY ahead. love, anna cordesmyers

  4. Love your blog Kerri. I spotte dit a couple of months ago! Love you guys, it would be great to get together sometime! If you guys ever get down to Springtown hollor at us! 🙂

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