snow day

yesterday was absolutely wonderful.

we started off the morning venturing out into the thick snow to eat our free breakfast at chick fil a. we sipped on coffee and talked while emri went in and out of the kid’s playing area. which reminded me that i’m terrified of emri getting her fingers squished in that heavy door as it opens and closes each time.

emri insisted that her and her daddy get married so we performed a ceremony in her bedroom.


ben and i sat and read together while emri napped.


we watched in awe as the snow swirled and drifted down to the ground creating a blanket of white over everything.

snow days are so quiet, aren’t they?… at least when emri is taking her nap…

emri watched little mermaid on the computer with headphones while ben and i watched our movie.

em said,

“i love little mermaid…and she just got off her tail…and i just saw her piggies.”

snow day stuff at our house.


3 thoughts on “snow day

  1. I didn’t cry, but I did exclaim “Aww” and put my “that’s the cutest/sweetest thing in the world; my friends are the best parents ever” face on. Seriously … daddy daughter wedding, oh, and your slippers, Kerri – so cute!

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