my love

to my love on valentines’s day…

thank you for taking me on one of the very best dates we have ever been on…

probably the best, wouldn’t you say?



(we may or may not have taken a momento, or two)


i love you because you…

are home. being with you is home to me. its always safe.

always make me laugh even when i desperately don’t want to

are passionate about people. you have such a tender heart for people

are always up for something crazy

want to be with your family more than anything

are an incredible father

wake up early just to be with Jesus

are willing to admit when you are wrong

at least pretend to be excited about all my crafts

are always willing to roll over at night and hold me if i ask you to, even if you are asleep

take emri on so many saturday mornings so i can sleep in

can grow the manliest beard i’ve ever seen

also have the deepest man voice i’ve ever heard

are willing to be weird in public. most of the time.

sing with me and

dance with me and

make up songs with me continually

love science and all things reptile and amphibian

always have good ideas for inventions

love God

are willing to move anywhere for the sake of expanding the kingdom of God

can fix anything

are committed to your family

are committed to me

give great hugs

are pretty funny, but not as funny as i am

are the FIRST person to help someone on the road if they have  any sort of need

love me almost as much as i love you


i would say more, but i know the fact that i posted this has embarrassed you enough.


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