litttle valentine party goodness


one of the many, many, many, many joys of living near my sisters and their children…(children in whom i love so dearly, in some ways it feels like they are my very own) being able to get our kiddos together for celebrations like valentines day.

here is a glimpse into the valentine’s day party we had for the “cousins”

oh little luke and our little josie bear -this picture at the top is priceless to me. little blurry. but i love it.




it was a sweet little party.

i have to be honest though. when i started this blog, it was so that my family would remember our journey. and with these sweet little memories, there are also very difficult things that weave their way in and out of our lives. so i would never want to leave the impression, for whoever reads these happenings, or for us when we look back, that things were always easy. this very afternoon ended in a little misunderstanding with one of my sisters. with sisters, honesty is always our first impulse because we are family. and we love each other relentlessly. so when we communicate about things we are feeling, it has the potential to be somewhat intense. i left rachel’s house, red-faced and upset. i’m just being honest. we started talking about things that we had different feelings about. but what i love about family and what i love about community, is this desire to press through differences and communicate well. and be honest with what we are really feeling. i think that’s how community and family can really work. my sister called me not long after i drove away. she reminded not to just walk away when i’m upset. thats what i did. i’m really good at just walking away. its horrible. but its my default. i’m sorry if anyone feels like this is too much information. but i can’t apologize too much because i want an honest blog. an honest account of our journey. anyways, back to me fleeing when things are difficult. nothing about it is healthy. and i needed to be reminded. so we talked through everything. and i was reminded that its okay to wrestle around. its okay to be upset. its okay (and not childish) to get your feelings hurt. but what made this conversation so productive, is that we worked everything out and loved each other more afterwards. i’m thankful for a family who pursues each other. we fight for one another. sometimes that comes at a cost. the cost of vulnerability, transparency, honesty, time, energy, emotion, and risk.

wouldn’t you agree?

but its worth it. its worth all that. that’s the only chance we have to make marriage and family work. and i’m just more than willing to keep fighting for those things at whatever the cost. that’s what makes little get-togethers like this so wonderful. not that we have cute, little valentine decorations and pictures to remember, but that we loved each other well and are willing to fight for one another. and grow our families and teach our children to do the same. thank you for letting me share our honest stories on here.


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