smiley faces

emri likes to draw smiley faces on her hands.

i think this is the most precious smiley face i have ever seen in my whole entire life. i have to mark this down. otherwise, there may come a time when emri is all grown up that we forget what emri’s smiley faces used to look like. ; )

as i type, i’m sitting on the couch as emri is playing all around me. i feel her little hand start to rub my leg. she says,

“hey, you have pokey things on here”

(she may have been referring to my unshaven legs)

“did you know that?…i need to get them off. yeah…i do.”

so funny. here is a picture of emri and her smiley face on her hand.


emri, please make sure you always draw smiley faces just like these.


2 thoughts on “smiley faces

  1. don’t let her papa see that! he’ll scrub it off w/ a SOS pad! ; ) at least that’s what he threatened us with!

  2. No picture of “pokey things on here”? I mean, this is the Myer’s stones and I think the need to shave is a perfectly okay kairos moment, don’t you?

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