identity part 1

you know what i love about personality tests? i love that they focus on who you are. not what someone else is. on who you are.

i hate comparison. i despise insecurity. i loathe self condemnation and accusations. i find that when i’m the most critical towards someone else, there is some layer of insecurity beneath it. even if it is hiding beneath a thick layer of pride.

we must know who we are.

our identities are at stake.

i believe that there is an unseen realm. i clearly believe in another realm outside of the one we are quite familiar with. i believe that we will spend the grand majority of our existence there. not here. there. so i personally, believe its worth the investment to throw all your stock into the next realm. and things like peace, joy, hope, faith, love, mercy, and sacrafice are very lucrative things to invest in for now. the pay back will be monumental.


i also believe in a realm that is evil. confidently. evil exists. it hangs over earth like a dense fog. sometimes its hard to see through it. i truly believe that all the pain and horrible things we hear about originate from this evil. i believe that God overpowers this evil. but biblically, God has given the enemy temporary reign over our earth. i think we all can testify that sometimes it feels like something evil has some kind of authority or power. it seems to destroy. i like to pretend horrible things aren’t happening in the world, but clearly, they are. but i also believe in an end to the story. i talk about that a lot. i believe that Jesus will return. and that he will overcome all evil. and he will make every wrong thing right.  but for now, there is a story taking place. a story we are all apart of. we choose our story. in a sense, we write our own. God sort of gave us a pen. he gave us a blank canvas in his supreme sovereignty. and we get to wiggle around in that to some extent. i personally, believe we can wiggle around a lot. and when i say wiggle…i mean live and fight. we fight for life. we fight for what is right. we fight for what we don’t see. because i believe God and evil are at war.

sound dramatic?

yes. a little. okay…a lot dramatic. but i believe its true.

and outside of all that evil produces in our world, i believe that the most evil thing the enemy can do is attack our identity. you know, make us believe we don’t have real worth or value. make us compare ourselves with others (this leads to self accusation or accusation towards others). its sort of putrid. so as my family is moving forward in structure and community…we are also going to fight to know who we are. sometimes it does feel like a fight, doesn’t it? sometimes it feels like an all out WAR. i think it feels that way because it is a war. i’ve decided that i’m going to post about identity. and i invite you to come fight for identity with me, and not just with me, but with my household.


One thought on “identity part 1

  1. Kerri, I always feel encouraged after reading your posts, and this one came at an opportune time as my husband will attest to my tears over this very issue just now. Thank the Lord for good husbands. And for honest blogs. I figured it was time to stop being just a silent reader, thankful you are sharing what you are learning.

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