goodnight emri

ben and i are laying on the couch together getting ready to start our movie. we’ve had a long but wonderfully filled weekend and ben just put emri to bed and snuggled up next to me. we smiled at each other knowing that we get to rest together now. he shared with me the dialogue he had with emri as he was putting her down for bed and i just have to share it. our movie is starting, but i don’t care because i’m planning on falling asleep as we watch it anyway 😉

emri: tell me something special in my ear…about a princess.

ben: you are my special princess

emri: dad can we pray one more time?

ben: dear jesus…

emri: daddy, tell jesus i’m scared…

ben: jesus, emri is scared and…

emri: there are no angels in my bedroom

ben: we’ll ask jesus to send you angels into your room

emri: i can’t see them

ben: they are there but you just can’t see them.

emri: daddy, tell jesus i’m sick

ben continues to pray

emri: daddy, tell jesus i ate too much

ben finishes praying

emri: sing the holy song one more time

ben: no, emri

emri: can i have one more drink of water?

ben: no

emri: water makes my tummy feel better

ben: no, emri

emri: will you pray again?

ben: no, goodnight, emri. i love you.

emri: goodnight. i love you too, daddy.


and that is how a good daddy puts his special princess to bed.



2 thoughts on “goodnight emri

  1. That is so hilarious! Have Emri and Hannah been sharing stalling techniques. I swear that conversation sounds eerily similar to the same one we had with Hannah tonight. Love getting to share in many of your special moments.

  2. I tear up when reading most of your blog posts. I know not every day and moment is as magical as this, but I’m so glad you write about the sweet and tender moments because people often miss those in life. Thanks for sharing these moments, Kerri.

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