special things like tzatziki sauce

once upon a time, i went to liberty university (don’t judge me) and happened upon a little european cafe. everything about it was special. they sold unique little coffee drinks, wine, sangria, the most incredible cinnamon scones you could ever imagine, baklava, amaaazzing flat bread with tzatziki sauce, and greek paninies.


i actually got a job working there making minimum wage. which was like 5 dollars at the time. hilarious. but i met my dear friend wendolyn who i fell instantly in love with. wendolyn owned the cafe. and thus began our friendship.

i have very fond memories of that cafe. that’s where i found three of my closest friends. wendolyn, aaron, and benjamin myers. we all met there. and we all adored each other. we have ridiculous stories. oh the fun we had.

so i have a thing for all that surrounded my life at the time. things like ray lamontagne. amose lee. the farm. cloves. jeeps. the mountains. cafe con caramels. cinnamon scones and tzatziki sauce. and of course wendolyn, aaron, and my husband.

since then i have longed for tzatziki sauce and have not yet tasted the goodness of such a sauce until tuesday evening of this week. i was planning my menu of healthy dinners sunday and i was just lost. i called the lovely amanda hindson who answered my call while driving in atlanta with a car full of people and gave me several quick healthy recipes. thank you, amanda.

one of which called for tzatziki sauce. when amanda mentioned it, i had a hand up to my heart and closed my eyes with a deep sigh. ahhh. tzatziki sauce.

so i made it and it tasted just as good as wendolyn’s did at the cafe and it brought back many memories as i smothered every, bit of chicken in it.

so i have a new healthy dinner. and don’t be fooled by how small my little cup of tzatziki sauce is. i went for the big bowl after a few minutes.

we sat down to eat and ben goes, “don’t you want to take a picture?”…why yes! so i did. well, he did. this meal falls under my goal to be healthy. here’s to health and the structure and community that helped me plan a healthy meal! and sara bonness, if you are reading, i purchased these groceries with a gift card from whole foods 😉


2 thoughts on “special things like tzatziki sauce

  1. Oh, my friend. I have a recipe book for you if you want to be healthy….Last night I made a Caribbean Sweet Potato Gratin & the night before an Asian Cabbage Soup (made the veggie stock and all)…..We can swap recipes sometime : )

    Oh my word, Are we getting old now that we are talking about healthy recipes?? Hot dang.

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