tzatziki sauce


here’s the recipe

  • greek yogurt
  • cucumber
  • kosher salt
  • fresh ground pepper
  • minced garlic

i get 2% greek yogurt. i just think organic tastes way better. and dr. oz says that you should try to avoid all things skim because generally when you lower the fat, you up the sugar. and you actually get more calories or sugar when you do that. i think 2% greek yogurt has less sugar than fat free. who knew? but really though. who cares. use whatever yogurt you want.

  • peel the cucumber
  • grate half the cucumber into 1 cup or so of greek yogurt
  • add minced garlic (i use the kind in a jar because its so easy), salt, and pepper as much of each as you feel is necessary and right. i like mine with a lot of garlic.
  • whisk together.
  • chop the the rest of the cucumber for some dipping right away. ; )
  • you can freeze individual servings of this sauce in zip lock baggies to use later.

really, guys. its so good.

my sweet friend, amanda, gave me this recipe. she does have a little food blog of her own that she apparently has taken quite a lengthy sabbatical from.

however, you can still peruse through her recipes at “food truth and beauty” here.




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