army partay

i love my family. i especially love my niece and nephews.

my oldest nephew, miles, turned 7 a few weeks ago. we had an army party. no big deal. we sort of get into it. we love being together. we particularly love to celebrate birthdays. miles is fun to celebrate because he’s such a sweet kid. when i watch this video, i’m amazed at how much he looks like a teenager. he still lets me grab him and kiss him on the cheek. and then i remember these proverbial images of an aunt smothering her nephew with kisses, leaving red lip prints all over his face and pinching his cheeks. i wonder if i have become that kind of aunt. and is miles rolling his eyes and wiping his face off after i turn around? anyways. miles loves justin beiber. he says he’s got the “beiber fever”. so of course i had to put some justin beiber in this video.

i’m laying here on the couch with a fever. my eyes burn and  my voice sounds like a gremlin. i’m feeling terrible but this video makes me happy.

please enjoy.

happy birthday miles, we love you!

6 thoughts on “army partay

  1. man, i can’t wait to see you guys & join in on the crazy sweet fun with all my boys:)
    ps…feel better, kerri!!

  2. i love your family. and i think the kids bdays are really just an excuse for you girls to get together and have a dance party 😉

    what a sweet video. i’m sure it will be cherished forever!

  3. How sweet! Great movie! I even caught myself singing along with you all lol 🙂 What a great day! Miss you all very dearly.

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