big girl bed

in other news at the myers house…

last night emri transitioned into a big girl bed after three years!! i can’t believe that her growing, three year old body has stayed in this crib for so long. its so funny when i think about it and a tiny bit embarrassing. she started to tear up when ben started taking her crib a part. and that kind of made me sad. and then i frantically thought, maybe we aren’t ready to do this yet. (yes, i actually had that thought) thankfully, logic came in full swing and reminded me that... we really soaked up every minute in this crib. like maybe too many minutes. every night as we tuck her in, she wants us to whisper something in her ear. i practically have to dive into her crib with feet dangling to whisper in her ear.

the good news, is that emri was so excited to have a big girl bed in her room! she sort of went mildly crazy actually. crazy with excitement. and then i started to feel guilty for having deprived her of this moment for as long as i have.

isn’t she such a big girl?

so we had a cupcake party in honor of this very special transition. what’s hilarious is that these cupcakes came out like biscuits because i accidentally put 1/4 cup of water instead of 1 AND 1/4 cups. 1 cup is a lot of water. and i’m ashamed to say that i just thought it was just really thick batter this time.

this is ben telling emri the big girl bed rules. i wonder if emri knew she had every intention of breaking all of them at this moment.



2 thoughts on “big girl bed

  1. Oh man – I love everything about this: the big girl bed, the short cupcakes, the rule talk (and of course she was planning on breaking them). 😉 She’s a great little girl, but she’s still a 3 year old. Way to celebrate well, Myers. I’m especially happy you’re doing this blog now that I’m gonna have to keep up remotely.

  2. OH my goodness. This is awesome. I love the pictures of Em in her new bed! My personal favorite is the one with one hand on her hip and the other on her chest looking like a very proper opera singer!
    and i’m sure the cupcakes were delicious. 1 cup of water short and all.

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