jammie time

i hear marching right now through my little house.

i hear two sets of feet. one heavy… one not so heavy.

i also hear a deep, cheerful man voice singing,

“its jammie time…in the house!”

and a little girl’s voice echoing

“oh yeah, its jammie time!”

the song is actually pretty good.

i believe i also just heard,

“its jammie time, isn’t it neat? jammie time. time to brush our teeth!”

i’m laughing. because i also just heard ben sing,

“its jammie time in the kitchen, so quit your bitchin.”

and of course a sweet, innocent voice echoing that too. why does he think its funny to teach her cuss words?

i’m going to try to get a picture… hold on.

got it.

now i hear them in the bedroom reading a story before bed. i feel pretty darn thankful right now.


One thought on “jammie time

  1. Yes! And come now, friend…Emri started with the B-train all on her own … remember her ‘bitches” … I mean “binky”? I have two take-aways from the Myers stones today: 1. cartoon Jesus in the morning for my children 2. songs with marching and cuss words. But on a more serious note, I think the fact that there’s not a ton of gasping and “no, no, don’t say THAT word” kind of removes the deep burning desire to continuously say the “bad word”; just saying, this could be a positive.

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