blakely and tom get married!

our dear friends blakely and tom got married last weekend!

ben, emri, and i all got to be a part of this pretty miraculous day.

it wasn’t just any wedding. this wedding was a perfect picture of the redemptive work God has been doing in our lives through the context of community.

blakely and i became friends about a year ago. we instantly connected because our mission in life is the same. to further the kingdom of God. blakely is a fighter. she’s strong, she’s consistent, she’s intelligent, she’s logical, she doesn’t mess around, and she’s gracious all at the same time.

blakely and i are opposites. people like blakely and i are not probably going to be lasting friends in the real world. primarily because people like blakely get annoyed with people like me pretty quickly. while i’m day dreaming, blakely is making a list and simultaneously accomplishing the list all at the same time. i’m more concerned my list is written on pretty paper with pretty hand writing more than i’m concerned about accomplishing what’s on it. (just kidding…but seriously)

blakely and i have realized something though.

we need each other.

or maybe i just need her!

blakely is the kind of friend you want on your team. so my friendship with her is worth the investment. i would say its a friendship that God has redeemed. because of blakely, i have the chance to be tempered in all of my weaknesses.

that’s pretty cool, huh?

tom is another amazing person.

they help ben and i lead our missional community. we all make a pretty good team.

so to be in their wedding was just very cool. it was a picture of the family that we have started in community together. we are all committed to each other. we have committed to lock shields with each other and do life together.

tom and blakely have already moved into a house in kck. within the last several months, they got jobs there too. they have pioneered the way.

and now they are married! their story is an INCREDIBLE one. i hope to tell it soon because its definitely worth sharing. talk about a God that is redeeming our lives…

sadly, i do not have any pictures of tom and blakely on their wedding day, but i do have a few of the girls and my family. i’ll try to post them later.

blakely and tom, congratulations! we love you both dearly!

we hope you are enjoying copious amounts of time with each other on your honeymoon 😉





One thought on “blakely and tom get married!

  1. Wow! I didn’t even know that you had a blog!!! Thanks so much for all your kind words. We love having you in our lives. 😉

    The dialogue between you and Emri in the other post is money.

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