wedding pics

okay friends, here are a few pics from blakely and tom’s wedding.

i have to start out by saying that i was so thankful blakely was so laid back. blakely and her family told me repeatedly that if emri didn’t want to sit down after she did her flower girl thing…  if she wanted to stand by either ben or i, it would be just fine. ben was a groomsmen and i was a bride’s maid.

i stil tried desperately for her to sit down next to blakely’s family after she walked down the isle. she had a whole minnie bag of chocolate robin eggs strategically waiting for her in her seat.

she walked nervously down the isle, pounded the chocolate in just a few minutes. and with melted chocolate smeared all over her mouth, she quickly walked up to me and asked me to hold her.

good grief. some “plan”, mom.

if you know emri well, you know that she, at 3 years old, is a helpless romantic.

so being at a wedding in a “princess” dress was clearly the best day of her life.

i held my squirrely daughter in my jiggly noodle arms for what seemed like hours in front of everyone at the wedding.

and she was squirrely.

i also have to say that emri is really big on giving ben and i romantic kisses. she wants to lean her head to one side, hold our face in her little hands, close her eyes and smash her little mouth on ours for an extended amount of time.

we aren’t sure how to navigate this. like, when does it go from cute/kind of funny to weird? are we in the weird stage yet? again, i’m not sure.

so being at a wedding, emri was obviously in a romantic mood. she basically wanted to keep giving me long kisses with her eyes closed. so if she wasn’t trying to make out with me, she was picking her nose and trying to wipe it on me. it was a disaster.

here is what some of our dialogue looked like while we were standing at the front.

“when are blakely and tom going to twirl?.”

“emri, shhhh. blakely and tom will dance later”

“but they have to twirl.”

“emri, they’ll kiss here in a minute. keep watching and stop talking.”

“momma, a bugar!”

“emri, we don’t pick our noses at weddings.”

“i wiped it on you.”

“momma i need a drink of water.”

“look emri, they are going to kiss…keep watching.”

“momma, i love you.”

“emri, i love you too”

“momma, will you twirl me?”

“no emri. shhh. not right now.”

beautiful bride and flower girl

emri and her dynamic trio.

this is em fake yawning during pictures

miss bethany boatwright


miss sara bonness

blakey’s comfy white tom wedding shoes

beautiful blakely and her sweet, sweet mother and sister



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