being the mother of a little girl has given me an absurd amount of time sitting before a t.v. watching princess movies. i’m not going to pretend for one second that it bothers me. if there are rules about children watching disney movies before a certain age….i have failed miserably. we watch disney movies all the time. old ones. new ones. and tangled.

i love tangled.

i have to tell you, oddly enough, the story reminds me of the gospel. i’ll tell you why.

repunzle is a princess, but she doesn’t know it. she was taken from the king and queen when she was an infant. her “mother”  who is really an old hag, has kidnapped her. she’s never ventured outside the tower, but she dreams of it. every night on her birthday, she watches these “floating lights” in awe and wonder. what she doesn’t know…every year on her birthday, everyone in the kingdom lights a lantern and sends it up into the sky in hopes that it may beckon repunzle, wherever she is, to come home. these lights were for her. and she never knew it.

maybe i’m crazy, but i can’t help but see how this pictures God’s call to us.

we are royalty. we belong to a kingdom. some of us don’t know it yet. we live in what we think is freedom, but if we were to be honest, we might confess that something feels missing. we experience things that invoke us to consider that there might be something outside the realm we are so familiar with. and every once in a while, just like the lanterns, something resonates inside of us and we know we were created for something more. i feel that way about sunsets and sunrises. i feel that way about mountains. i feel that way when i look at emri. i feel that way about a myriad of things. i feel that when i see someone helping a stranger. things that defy the claim that the world in which we live in is purely coincidence.  there are signs. undeniable lights that flicker in our lives that tell us we were made for something more.

these floating lights arise from a distant kingdom…. they remind us that this isn’t it for us. the story isn’t over.

i identify with repunzle and her fascination with the lights.

i have a feeling that this post might be considered super lame… especially when i decide to post a clip from the movie. but i can’t resist.

quick disclaimer:

i’m not suggesting that the powerful, life changing story of the gospel and the kingdom of God can be reduced to a disney cartoon.

what i am suggesting, is that the gospel story is already written in us. and it spills out. in our lives, in the stories we write, in the movies we make, in the art we create. we tell the story of the gospel effortlessly at times. its written in us. and it makes its way out, even in disney, princess movies. ; )


One thought on “tangled

  1. Did you cry as you were watching the movie? Cause I haven’t seen it yet (though I’ve definitely wanted to and I’m totally renting it asap), but after reading your post and watching that clip, my eyes welled up – and I mean welled. I might make Balazs read your post then watch it with me. Ha.

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