ben brings home snakes!

before you freak out, please understand that my husband absolutely loves reptiles and amphibians. its what he does. and every year at this time he takes his students on a reptile and amphibian camping trip. he always invites me. i always say no. and he always finds several reptiles on his trip and brings them home to emri and i.

these are the little guys he brought home to us this time.

enjoy the craziness of my family.

this is a ringneck snake. these little guys are adults. they don’t get any bigger than this. these might be my favorite. how cool is that orange ring around his neck and orange belly?

i love that my daughter isn’t going to have irrational fears of snakes like i have of spiders….and june bugs. or any flying insect that makes a clicking noise every time it hits a window. i’m not afraid of snakes but wasps and bees… my reaction to them is entirely inappropriate. and totally out of control. a lot of flailing and flapping is involved. i also feel like i have no control of facial expressions.

the fella is a coach whip

and this lizard here is a brown skink. and wendolyn, if you are reading, this guy is very similar to your little feelskie… rest his little lizard soul.

this guy bit ben. as you can see, emri freaked out a bit. i can hear her little voice asking ben, “daddy, is it better? are you okay?”


4 thoughts on “ben brings home snakes!

  1. thanks for sharing this with all of us.
    i LOVE watching your videos and seeing cute little Emri experience life.
    you guys are such cool parents. i want to be like you one day! 🙂

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