this weekend i had a good friend of mine ask me to teach her how to read the bible.

 she wanted to develop a hunger for it.

as soon as i had a few moments i started writing her an e-mail. this is something i’m really passionate about. i just finished the e-mail and sent it to her. i couldn’t help but think, after i clicked the send button, that i should process the same stuff here in this blog.

people have varying opinions about the bible. there is probably a wide spectrum of beliefs about it. maybe there are parts of the bible that are controversial. maybe some parts that are hard to understand. some that seem hypocritical or confusing. parts where God seems ridiculously harsh? i think all those questions are valid. i don’t know the answers to them all.

what i do know, is that reading this “bible” has changed my life for the better. its as if i hear a voice as i read. i don’t always understand every verse  i read. i don’t get every piece. but i hear a voice. and i see themes that are consistent through the whole book. and it seems as though its alive. or that it has some kind of power. it’s had the power to change my mind, my anger, my fears, and my insecurities. and i hear a story written. a big story. and its sort of like a big puzzle you piece together.

and i see promises. promises in simple verses, that even a child could understand. here is what’s happened to me…

i’ve fallen for an invisible God. and yes, sometimes, i do feel crazy. it started with reading my bible. and i was only 16. that’s when Jesus became alive to me. i started reading through these pages and it was as if Jesus was sitting right next to me as i read. i started to sense his presence and his movements.

i’ll tell you the story later. i’m sure some of you might think its lame. but its my story. and its true. i think thats why i’m so passionate about scripture. that’s how i fell in love with God. anyway, my eyes are filling up with tears as i type and i’m getting distracted from what i initially wanted to write about.

i thought i might  share with you how i read my bible. take it or leave it. but its here if you want. i gave my friend a reading schedule for the week. if you are someone who is semi-interested in reading through a bible, and you don’t really know where to start, maybe this might help.

for monday:

a fresh, new week. i challenge you. see what happens for the week. do it.

john 14 and psalms 63

(if this seems like a whole lot, just take one or the other)

i’ll be reading them too and processing the content on here as well.  who knows? maybe this will help someone.


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