john 14

so i’ve been very busy on my blog. but i said i would process john 14 today, so i am

 not that i think i’m some expert. please. i thought that, if it would be helpful to somebody out there….just even onebody, then its totally worth it to me.

john 14 was one of the chapters i encouraged you to read today. i typed out some of the stuff that hit me. it is rather long. so maybe we’ll just do a chapter a day. we’ll read psalms 63 for tomorrow. cool?

when i read scripture, i act like i’m digging. i slowly read verses that move me. and read them again. verses that i don’t understand, i just pass over for now. when i do find a verse that i identify with, i write it down in my journal. not always the whole verse, just the part that speaks to me. and i hold on to it. i meditate on it. and i take it with me for the day.

john 14: 1

do not let your heart be troubled.

this tells me that God is compassionate over me. and that’s he’s comforting me. and that i have some element of choice in being troubled. that i can relinquish my troubles to some extent. its a comfort and a challenge all at the same time.

john 14:3

for i go to prepare a place for you. that wherever i am, you will be also.

this verse speaks of the Kingdom of God… heaven. its a place that has been uniquely designed. just like earth. except without pain…. and better. without room for brokeness and sin. it seems like God is anticipating us entering heaven more than us. like us entering will be the fulfillment of his joy. he wants us there. he wants us with him. this also speaks of the intimacy we have with him. the intimacy he longs to have with us. he wants us where he is.

john 14:8

philip said to Jesus, “show us the Father and we will be content. ”  and Jesus answered, “i have been with you so long, philip, and you still do not know me?

sometimes we think if we could only SEE something tangible then we would believe. and i think the response is that there is so much that is already tangible that we disregard. and i also think that we can know lots of things about Jesus and still not know him. such was the case with philip. and with me for a whole lot of my life.

john 14:23

if anyone loves me, he will keep my word. and my Father will love him, and we will come and make our dwelling place with him. 

(this part is the promise of a relationship with Jesus. it also reminds me that Jesus is a gentlemen. he doesn’t force intimacy. he waits to be invited.)

john 14:27

peace i leave with you. my peace i give to you. not as the world gives, but as i give to you.

do not let your heart be troubled. don’t let it be afraid.

these verses speak of a peace that only comes from God. the world simply can’t give it. you can’t obtain it through money, or what you have, how many great relationships you have…and at the same time. there is a peace that we receive regardless of what the world is spewing at us. rejection, fear, death, sickness…pain. there is a peace that is offered that transcends all this suffering.

these are just the verses that spoke to me. they might mean something entirely different to you, and thats okay. you may have found a verse that was meaningful to you that i passed over.

remember: psalms 63 for tuesday.

the challenge for tomorrow?

write down one verse from the chapter…somewhere you will see all day. go over it a few times while you go through your day. come on, do it. whose with me?


2 thoughts on “john 14

  1. What I love about this passage is the intimacy of how jesus speaks to his disciples. it almost feels how a father would comfort a child who woke up in the middle of a nightmare. Disoriented. Scared. Confused. And he speaks promise. And comfort. Over and over.

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