john 17

this is an intense chapter. i’m not really sure where to begin. i don’t even know if i should attach my process to these powerful verses.

i will also say the past couple days have been a little sad for ben and i. we had an appointment with our reproductive specialist and found out that my body has stopped responding to the medicine that i’ve been taking. it kind of felt like we had taken 5 steps back after trying to get pregnant for the last year. so we’ll keep moving forward in our plans. we’ll change up the medicine. and know that we have every reason to trust that God is way bigger than the complications in my body. and that he holds all things together. whatever the case. whatever happens. we can hope in God who desires to fulfill his joy in our lives.

so john 17.

this is Jesus’ prayer to God right before he died. whether or not you believe jesus was actually God, this prayer is still really intense. this is his documented prayer. so if Jesus was just a “good guy”…i’m still blown away by this prayer.

but i believe that Jesus was God. so this prayer deeply moves me. he’s praying for his disciples. and not just for his disciples, but for those who will believe in him through the word of his disciples. wow. thats me. that’s a lot of people. its pretty ridiculous that through the word of his disciples, the message has spread rapidly. think about it. all because of a few disciples…i have the privilege of hearing jesus’ prayer for me. is that not crazy?

john 17:3

…and this is life eternal, that they would know God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

(notice that life eternal isn’t doing great things… notice that life eternal is knowing God?)


i am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and i’m coming to you.

(Jesus’ prayer for his disciples was that they would follow in his footsteps. that they would do what they saw him doing. so i look at jesus life like that. and so i can’t help but feel the pull to know where i’m going, like jesus did. he knew where he was going. this was not his home, the Father was his home and he was going to him.)


but now i am coming to you and these things i speak in the world. that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves

(he died so we could have his joy.)


i do not ask that you would remove them from the world, but that you keep them from the evil one. 

(a reminder that darkness is real. and we have to resist it.)


sanctify them in truth. your word is truth.

(a call to be saturated in the truth of his words)


as you sent me into the world, so i have sent them into the world

(our call to live like he did)


and for their sake i consecrate myself, that they also might be sanctified in truth


i in them, and you in me, that they may become perfectly one. that the world would know that you have sent me, and love them even as you have loved me.

(the more we know God, the more intimate we become with him, the more we will know the love God has for us. when we know we’re loved, it changes us. when we know how much we are loved, it gives us the capacity to love others. thats how the world will know that this thing is for real.)

(but the thing that sticks out to me the most in here is that God loves us just like he loved Jesus. the same kind of love.)


oh righteous Father, even though the world does not know you, i know you, and these know that you have sent me.  i made known to them your name, and i will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and i in them.

(i want the world to know this love. the love that i have in God, i want the world to have. i don’t understand people who claim to be “christians” and yet proclaim a “christian” message in any method other than love. i don’t understand all the judgment christians have. maybe thats why its so hard for people to believe that God is real. maybe its because few christians really know God, but talk like they do.)

another day, reading just a chapter, has the power to change my heart… and has caused me to love God and the world around me a little bit more.

for friday:

read isaiah 55


3 thoughts on “john 17

  1. i’m so sorry about your meds my dear. strengthen those weak knees and tired hands love, we’re here for you.

    and also. the whole time i read this i kept thinking HESED over and over and over. thought you’d appreciate that. 🙂

    love you!

  2. Oh Kerri, as I read your post I knew in my heart that through it all, you KNOW God has a plan on your life and on that of your family…and I smiled.When we know, it makes life easier to walk through. In fact through all circumstances we have a joy that can rival no other!

    I am thankful for you and I thank God that He crossed our paths!

    When you wrote…”i want the world to know this love. the love that i have in God, i want the world to have”…my heart overflowed and the tears came a run’n. That IS my hearts desire! As you continued on in that paragraph your words again met my thoughts and I was reminded WHY I have chosen love…for love has been poured out on me freely, I can give nothing less! Love ya girl!

  3. Dear friend,

    I’m still fighting with and for you, Ben and another baby. But every time I think of you and this particular sadness I am gripped by a deep assurance that the Lord’s timing is best – even when it looks worst to us.
    I miss being in the same room with this lovely heart of yours. Love.

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