its good news

Jesus dying on the cross is good news. its good news because it means that he traded my life for his. he got everything i had to offer…which is death. and i got everything he had…which is everything.

it means that everything wrong in our lives has the hope of being made right. thats what Jesus dying on the cross means to us. and his resurrection is the promise of new life. the promise of being made new.

this good news has changed my life. its changed ben’s. and now its changing emri’s.

easter is filled with a lot of distracting things. but i think there is still a way to celebrate traditions and yet still remember what the holiday is truly about.

so we’ve taught emri that we are celebrating Jesus coming back to life. that the easter baskets, the egg hunts, and all the candy is just a big party celebrating Jesus and his resurrection. we party because  Jesus is making all things new.

what does that mean for us?

what does that mean for emri?

emri told us that it means that her owies are healed.

for me it means that i have hope. i have the promise of new life. and that i’m not bound to the ugliness that comes from my natural self. everything in me is being made new. and Jesus won’t stop until everything in me is new. when i say new, what i really mean is whole. healed. clean. right.

that’s the hope we have. Jesus dying and coming back to life means he’s taken our brokenness and is giving us his wholeness in exchange.

here is emri’s easter basket she’ll be getting tomorrow… during our party celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. i don’t think we are going to tell her a bunny is coming to the house. that story kind of gives me the creeps just thinking about it. no, we’ll leave the bunny out. but we’ll keep the baskets. ; )

happy easter


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