mommy daughter dialogue

so emri and i just came out of the bathroom.

i was helping her go potty.

i was trying to turn her around to sit up on the toilet seat, but she was dead weight and wouldn’t budge. her head was down and she was pretending to hold something.

she was determined to potty like a boy.

i rolled my eyes and thought,

“what is happening?”

 while i’m assisting her, i’m on hold with a bank of america rep. and i don’t want any interference.

 we have a little conversation that i’m sure the bank rep heard.

“emri, you can’t potty like that.”

“but i have to.”

“emri only boys potty like that, if you potty like that, potty will go everywhere…sit down now.”

and in a soft whisper, with a dirty scowl, emri says for the first time in her little 3 year old history,

“i hate you.”

my face fell.

“that makes mommy sad.”

“but was it funny?”

“no, it made my heart sad.”

“well….nemo says it to his dad.”

ahhh. light goes on. i feel a million times better knowing that it didn’t necessarily bubble out of her own heart.

“did it make his dad sad?” i asked her.

she answered,

“yes. did it make you cry? but, i don’t see a tear.”

we finish our business in the bathroom and with bank of america.

 she wraps her little arms around me and says,

“i’m so, so, so, sorry.”

i told her that i forgave her.

we marched out of the bathroom and i’m thinking….this is only the beginning.


One thought on “mommy daughter dialogue

  1. Oh, but Kerri, you handled it so well! Even giving it the chance to bring out the Nemo influence and then using that to let her see. Such a good mom, you are! And let’s just continue to enjoy how it all started: penis envy. Oh boy!

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