double chins and chick love

double chins, crazy chick love, and some mild, over-reacting is what you will see hear folks.

our chicks are a week old. i discovered… that when i take them outside, i become their best friend.

it’s quite wonderful to have little chicks run to you.

but it does get weird when they suddenly want to be on your head and shoulders,

and you instantly become the crazy, bird lady sitting in the middle of your front yard for everyone to see.


2 thoughts on “double chins and chick love

  1. I laughed soo hard at you in the video. I’m sorry. 🙂 although I’m sure I would have laughed just as hard if I would have been sitting there with you. Well, I would have screamed too, then laughed.

    I like the crazy chicks. You & Em included.

  2. Aww. I made B watch part of this. I particularly love the “he better not poop on me” part. I wanted so badly to pick up one of B’s dad’s little chicks last Sunday but figured it would just crap in my hand. Either way, I’m picking some up this Sunday … they’re just so darn cute! … as are you!

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