i like my mom

there is a lot of love in my home.

i have three sisters who have kids and there is a lot of love going on in their homes too.

my mom loves my sisters and i relentlessly.

a lot of love between all of us and our families.

and i attribute that to my mother.

she created a culture of deep love and a closeness in our family.

because she loved us so much,

we love each other so much.

and we get to reproduce that kind of love and culture in our growing families.

that love will be passed on through generations.

and there are other things that i like about my mom.

my mother is gracious. she would take all the troubled teens into our home when we were growing up. i remember her having long conversations with kids that were just on the “edge”. my mother loves the marginalized. and she’s gracious. if she has the resources, if someone else has a need, she will pour herself into that need.

she’s a giver.

she creates a safe environment for all who enter.

she’s hospitality walking around on two little legs.

she’s tender. she’s passionate.

she is the definition of mother bear.

if you are in her sphere of influence she will fight for you.

she’s protective.

like a guardian.

and she’s a blast. she’s silly. and funny.

and she dresses super cute. dang, did you see those earrings?

and strong.

and courageous.

and she prays. like nobody i’ve ever known.

and i think the reason why my sisters and i married such incredible men is because she prayed. hard. all the time. for  all three of us.

she had these journals for each one of us girls growing up that she would write out her prayers over us.

so i can look back now, and read them.

she prayed. and prayed. and prayed.

and i feel like i get to reap a beautiful harvest in this season because of all the hard work my mother sewed into my life.

she is sort of like a mighty warrior.

she bears all things. endures all things. and she doesn’t count wrongs.

she loves really well.

and i see Jesus written all over her life.

and i’m really thankful for her.

i love her a lot,

but i like her too.

and of course i’m crying. cause i seem to do that all the time. but mainly, because my mom is just a really special woman.

happy mother’s day

you are loved deeply by all of us.


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