oh dear

friends, most of you know we have a rat at our house. her name is mary. she somehow became a part of our family.

recently emri has figured out how to get mary out of her cage all by herself. something about reaching my hand in her cage gives me the chills.

but emri feels just fine about it.

i walked into the living room this morning to find this happening in my living room.

this picture gets me every time.

who does this?

oh dear me.

i couldn’t resist posting


11 thoughts on “oh dear

  1. oh my gosh. i can’t get over this. i love it so much. I’ve looked at it like 3 times. it’s awesome.
    when i have kids, (in like 12 years) can i borrow emri so she can teach them how to be cool (and HILARIOUS) like her?
    LOVE this!

  2. HAHAHA! The best part is that it looks as if Mary was having just as much fun with that as Emri. She is poking that little head out, as if to say, “Push me faster, Emri. We don’t have all day.”

  3. I showed Noah these pics and he LOVED it! He has an imaginary mouse friend named “Squeaky” who lives under the strawberries in our garden. He insisted that we write Emri a note on here… “I love Emri. I think she growed up some! She has chickens just like me!”

      1. I read him your response and he squealed and said, “Let’s go right now! Can we go see Emri today?” We really should get together with the kids sometime! He’s always loved playing with Emri! Levi just made Noah a ‘market stand’ where he plays grocery store, so you guys could come over here sometime, too! I’d keep that rat too if she’s as sweet as she sounds! đŸ™‚ What’s your email?

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