gurl, why you gotta chicken on your head?

i’m not sure if i have shared this or not,  but i’m a reader’s theater teacher. just one, little day a week. its true. i teach k-6th grade. and all of the little plays they do at the end of the year fall on may 17th. that’s tomorrow.  my life has been consumed with plays, props, and costumes.

i’ve given all my time over to it. and i’m done tomorrow! but before i start to dream celebration, i do have to face a billion parents tomorrow. that thought sort of makes me want to pee my pants. but i think i’ll be fine. i think i will. i hope i will…

and that is why i have resisted posting the past week.

but like many times, i encountered a scene i had to post.

emri has been outside in the yard playing with our chickens. the sun has creeped out long enough for us to leave our jackets inside. emri is in heaven underneath the last few moments of  sun we have today. and so are the chickens.

(gurl, why you gotta chicken on your head?)

you guys, i promise you i do not pose these crazy animal pictures! i walk into them!

cross my heart.


5 thoughts on “gurl, why you gotta chicken on your head?

  1. Oh…I giggled out loud…you can hardly even see that little chicken in the first picture…he’s hiding in the shadows. I love how she’s completely into the two in her lap while the one on her head goes seemingly unnoticed.

  2. I love this! I bought a chicken (figurine) at the thriftstore today. Because I just couldn’t be without her…

  3. I pray my little ones will want to play with animals like Emri does. Not snakes though. I do not like those creatures…or rats. Mainly just fury little guys, like these chickens. OH, I’d like to squeeze them.

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