my little emri sported two ridiculous pony tails yesterday that made me squish her little bunzies to pieces all day long.

she is so little. and so big all at the same time.

we laid out a blanket in the backyard and sipped on vanilla rooibos tea yesterday afternoon.

and the chickens were out too….

duh. myers farm. what  of it?

our friend anna stopped by as well…. we love her a whole lot by the way. and of course the rooster had to fly on top of her head. i love that she was okay with that. so i did what every normal chicken owner does. i put another chicken on my head and we took a picture together.

which by the way, you heard it. we have a rooster. does anyone know what this means? this means that it has to go! naturally. i guess i kind of understand my neighbors not wanting a rooster doodeling in the wee hours of the morning… but they are best friends.

i haven’t told the chickens yet.

to be honest, i don’t know that the rooster cares all that much. he’s always trying to get away from the other two. and they follow him EVERYWHERE. i think thats why he keeps flying on our heads. you know, to get away from them. now the other two, they will be quite sad.

oh well. so anyway…

i was in awe of my little emri today. watching her thinking, “Lord, come on now…don’t you want me to have another one of these hooligans?”

then i started thanking Him for the hooligan that i do have. thankful that she still says things like,

“i love you berry much”


“mommy, can we take my bambella today since its raining?”


“you told me i could lasterday”


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