little luke

i have a little nephew named luke. he’s our little lukie.

just the sweetest thing you ever did see.

his birthday was last week. and we had a little party for him. celebrating his little life and how much we love him.

i’m reminded of the day he was born. it was pretty stressful. his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck way too many times for him to have survived.

two years ago my oldest sister, rachel, was 8 months pregnant. she was about to go out of town on a short trip. she hadn’t felt too much movement from little lukie in her womb. rachel’s motherly instincts kicked in. (God’s grace and voice in her life). and she called the doctor.

the doctor on call said it was probably fine but that it might be a good idea to come in and check the heart beat.

rach and josh did immediately.

the doctor heard a strong heart beat but said it wasn’t quite doing what they wanted it to and decided to do an emergency c section.

we all ran up to the hospital and sat nervously in the waiting room. praying. our hearts pounding.

his umbilical cord was wrapped around his tiny neck 3 times. the doctor said that little luke wouldn’t have made it too much longer like that and that rachel coming in early had saved his life. he was born totally healthy.

so luke is our little miracle baby. he was absolutely perfect.

and so tiny.

 family is precious. every moment is worth celebrating, don’t you think?

here’s a short video of our party.

happy birthday sweet luke! we love you!


5 thoughts on “little luke

  1. This is so perfectly sweet that it almost seems staged – like in a movie….or the opening credits of the Wonder Years. I love the Walker family!

  2. can I be a walker? like maybe a lost sister at birth or something. i love this video. and the song is absolutely perfect. maybe i should just have you shoot some video of my little family over here, then I wouldn’t want to be a walker any more. no offense. i may still want to be a walker…. every now and then. the lost sister… that we never knew about. ever.

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