best job ever

i have the best job ever.

i get paid to watch my niece. our sweet, spunky josie.

and emri and her adore one another. how did i ever get so lucky?

i walked into another hilarity today. emri was doing josie’s hair. decorating her head with an array of gigantic hair barrets.

i had to take a few pictures to savor the moment. and remind myself how blessed i am to get to watch josie and emri love on one another all day.

aren’t they just the sweetest little stinkers?


3 thoughts on “best job ever

  1. @jess. hilarious. “we need to go have a talk. and a spankin. in private”.

    i can’t believe josie sat there through all of that. but i love it just the same. sweet. sweet girly cousins. (those girls have to stick together!)

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