the myers family went on vacation this week. we rested from everything.

we left emri wtih my parents and headed to branson for 3 days by ourselves. and then went back and picked up emri to finish vacation all together.

and we had andy’s ice cream.

every single day.ย 

so? …people do that.

and went to the pool

every single day

and got sonic real fruit slushies which emri called sushlie’s

which made ben and i look at each other and smile. so thankful we have this little 3 year old who we get to share little things like slushies with.

but back to the ice cream, because i cannot, for the love, stop thinking about it.

i cannot tell you how delicious and creamy andy’s frozen custard is.

sorry ben for posting this picture. i realize that it isn’t very fair to you. if you saw what picture i was close to posting, you would be thankful i opted for this one. i love you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

we got to spend time reading and praying and being alone with God. ย we did this every morning. i on the balcony and ben inside. i can’t tell you how refreshing this was. perfect. spending time in reflection and solitude is everything.

i think it may have been our favorite part of vacation. waking up to jesus and then getting to spend the rest of the day together.

and we also did this.

and then after those first three days, we went back and got our little stinker. we missed her and were excited to have her with us.

and here is sweet little ben and i. seriously. how much does she look like ben?

ย and if you have ever been to branson, you won’t be surprised at all by this picture i took.

we took emri to the butterfly palace. a little indoor rainforest with butterflies flying around everywhere. little girls love that kind of stuff. and maybe 30 year old girls do too. crap. am i really turning 30 this summer? shoot. anyway, took emri to the butterfly palace because there wasn’t much to do outside of truly ridiculous shows.

look how much fun emri is having!

it was pretty cute. we had a good time minus emri sort of getting a fever toward the end. poor little thing. but look how excited ben is about this blue morpho? where did the rest of his little wing go?

there you have it, a little snipit from our vacation.


9 thoughts on “vacation

  1. Umm…
    1. I love this all.
    2. The bird in Emri’s second swimsuit picture proves she’s a Myers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So glad to see that you guys got Emri some new shades. It was a sad day that her heart-shaped ones took a swim in Lake Viking.

    Oh, and JUST THINK how awesome that Andy’s custard would be with some Princess Strawberry Jam on it? Hmm??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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