quiet space

there are a lot of things that are important to ben and i. a lot of things that we want to instill into emri. things we want to be a part of our family culture. things that become just a part of who we are.

but one of the biggest things we want for emri is for her to know jesus. a part from what she does. we want her to know God. to know his presence, his comfort, his peace, his joy. we want her to experience what its like to start to see God in her life. and to hear him. and the biggest part of experiencing all those things is creating quiet space in our lives to make that happen. and so ben and i do that. its a very strong part of our lives. and we believe that it is immensely important. so little em sees us do it. and i think its precious that i see her doing the same thing…on her own. i know she really doesn’t fully get what she’s doing, but she does know that her little pink bible is a letter written to her by God through the hand of man. and that its important to read it and to talk about it with each other.

its moments like this that warm my heart but also freak me out. okay, so what other things is she observing and emulating that i don’t want her to? 😉

hearing and being with jesus is huge to our family.

this part of our lives speaks of our covenant relationship with Jesus and it speaks a strong sense of identity into us.

the other part of our lives that is immensely important is how we respond to God in what we are experiencing with him.

you know, like the actually carrying out of what we are learning. we find that in all that we experience and receive from God, it is necessary that we respond in obedience.

we call that, “living in God’s kingdom”. meaning, God has a new world order that he wants to bring here on earth. a world order that makes wrong things right.  and for those who are responding to what God is doing and saying in their lives, they are responding to Jesus’ rule and kingdom that he is bringing here and now in the world. a kingdom where wrong things are being made right. some people are responding to God’s kingdom here and they don’t even know it.

but before we respond to God, we have to know him and be with him. and enjoy him, so we can see what he’s doing and respond to it.

call us crazy. but we actually believe all that. : ) but i can’t apologize too much because it has changed our lives dramatically, how could we not respond to it?


3 thoughts on “quiet space

  1. i love this so much! when did she turn 15 though? 😉

    its soo beautiful to see the fruits of what we were praying about 2 years ago blooming right in your living room! so beautiful!!

  2. oh, kerri. i just love everything about this. it so reminds me of that thing you wrote forever ago about the kingdom being in our hearts and about ben coming home and having something written on his hand to remind him about praying for you to know it. (that did happen right – and i’m not daydreaming?) jesus is so faithful. i read that many moons ago and now i’m reading this tonight and seeing little emri catching it, too. so precious. thanks for sharing :).

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