magical wind

a million little moments seem to keep slipping by.

so many sweet moments where i say, “i’ve got to remember to record that.” and i don’t.

i feel like our little emri is growing up so fast and the deep fear that she may be the only one we have keeps me hanging on every moment of her littleness.

i sometimes sit and stare at her little fingers. even though they are very busy fingers that can hardly sit still.

i’m here to jot down a sweet conversation ben had with emri in the car and i’m realizing all that has happened since last time i logged on to wordpress.

i will update a few things quickly.

we picked up my husband’s dream car this weekend. more on that to come. don’t get too excited 😉

we celebrated father’s day.

and emri got to see her grammy and papa. and her beautiful aunt kelli.

she stayed up every night this weekend until 11:00 pm. and i’m not kidding you.

and she slept with kelli. and they snuggled sweetly.

she was so excited to see them i cannot even tell you. it sort of makes me want to cry just thinking about it. how she is so far away from ben’s family.

so here are a few pictures i took when we first saw them.

grammy always showers her with little surprises

grammy, papa, and kell belle…we enjoyed our time with you!


and the sweet conversation that ben had with emri goes as follows.

they were in the “new” car. and emri had her window rolled down. i guess it would be helpful to know that in our acura (the car she rides in) her little window is broken and cannot roll down.

so for the first time, emri’s window is rolled down.

and ben said she was leaning her head out toward the open window as much as she could.

with her eyes closed.

and ben said,


i guess he was trying to get her to stick her hand out the window.

she kept her eyes closed and said back,

“one second daddy.”

eyes still closed. wind blowing on her face.

she waited a few moments and then said,

“daddy, the wind felt like magic, you know?”

when ben told me their conversation you could tell that he was completely enamored by her.


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