its business time

as soon as emri went to bed,

ben and i got down to business.

it was business time. we had things to do.

ladies and gentlemen, please welcome into the myers’ home…

the nutella, giant marshmallow s’more.

you have no idea.

so good.

ben and i were so nervous emri was going to get out of bed again…walk into the kitchen and see chocolate and marshmallow all over our faces and never want to go to bed again…because apparently, mom and dad throw little parties without her.

so we crammed these in our faces as fast as we could.

please take my advice and make one of these as soon as possible.


One thought on “its business time

  1. i am salivating right now. it’s 7:33am and i want a nutella chocolate s’more right now.

    p.s. i love that you two throw little parties “after hours”

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