ben’s 29

today is ben’s birthday.

and i just want to honor him a little bit.

he’s 29.

how do you honor your husband when he’s so much a part of you, that gloating over him just sounds puffy-headed?

oh, i don’t know.

i just know that i married an incredible man. a man who is just as wonderful as a husband as he is a daddy. that he has things like integrity, character, a sense of adventure, and a tender heart.

and he’s a gifted teacher. and he loves to teach.

ben fills our home with countless hilarities.

and if you get near our home you might hear two girls giggling uncontrollably,

because he makes us laugh continually.

and i love his sense of simplicity.

how if it weren’t for me, he would never purchase anything, but old books and music.

and how his simplicity and disenchantment with money has truly blessed our family.

ben has taught me how to love people. not just the people who are like me, but all kinds. the poor, the lonely, the old, the young, the different….he’s taught me to love all kinds of people. and it’s changed my life forever.

ben, i believe in you. good and great things are flowing out of your life.

happy birthday!

we love you

a wonderful man, worth honoring today for…

he’s a jolly good fellow!!!!

this is the girly cake i made for ben, last year on his 28th birthday. i cannot believe a whole year has flown by!


One thought on “ben’s 29

  1. He IS a jolly good fellow! I love that he started that tradition here. Birthdays in our community are forever changed. As are our lives. Ben (& ker & Em) we are the luckiest for having you (y’all) in our lives.

    Ps. Girly cakes not only taste good. They are THE best for cake fights!

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