good neighbors

i remember when ben and i were looking for a house to buy. we had just moved to kansas city.

i was 8 months pregnant. ben was about to start teaching in overland park. i wanted to stay home with my new baby.

our budget was tight. our options were few. every house we looked at was….horrible. all of our options were heart breaking. the process was emotional. and exhausting.

but God knew our journey. he was well familiar with each step we took. he knew where we would end up. and he knew it would be good.

we found a little home on madison ave.

the house was hidden beneath old, rusty awnings and was severely out-dated.

but the moment we entered the house, we knew.

we would have to tear out the aqua shag carpets and paint the walls, but this was going to be our home.

its missing some things that my heart would really enjoy.

like…a dining room that could fit a long table of friends and family.

and perhaps a door to our bedroom. to ensure privacy of some kind 😉

but its our home. and its cozy. and its precious to us.

and its been a gift.

i’m reminded of that when i see the way light shines through all of our windows in the morning and how it brightens up my entire little home while em and i start our day.

or when i get time to read, out on our sunporch when the weather is mild with perfect breezes.

or when we put emri to bed and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie. when the house is quiet and we look at each other and say,

“we have a great, little home don’t we?”

but the thing about our home that makes it really wonderful is that we are surrounded by wonderful neighbors.

neighbors that have become our good friends.

i don’t think we could have put ourselves in such a wonderful spot on our own. God picked a spot for us.

last night we grilled out again, staying up until 11:00 (with our kids!) talking over wine and nutella s’mores.

i’m so thankful for the journey. so thankful that God put us on madison avenue and allowed us to become friends with our neighbors.

i remember when we thought we were never going to find a real home to buy within our budget.

we sort of laugh at that  now.

oh ye, of little faith

God is generous with us. and that is something i cannot let myself forget.

here are some pictures of our evening with our neighbors.


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